Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10th

He went to the dentist today for an exam, which he won't be able to have another one for at least 1 year after the transplant. All his teeth and gums have improved remarkably because he is in remission now.  Before he was diagnosed with Leukemia he was having all kinds of dental issues with his gums, teeth, and a root canal, which we later discovered that it was all caused from his syndrome and Leukemia.

Also, Edris was examined and her blood was tested and she is in great physical health to proceed forward as the donor.  Dr. Hoda told Edris that everyone liked to work with Dad because he is always so cheerful and pleasant.  He asked her if Dad is always that cheerful :)  Dr. Hoda also told her that once Dad received the bone marrow transplant it would be up to a higher source because the Dr.'s wouldn't be able to do anything more.  Edris told him, "Well we believe in a higher source".  Good thing he and the higher source have a good relationship :)

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