Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not good test results, thank you for your prayers and faith! March 12,2011

He had another bone marrow test to see how the week of intense chemo affected the Leukemia and the results showed it has done absolutely nothing because this type of cancer is so resistant that it has cells that are built up around it to protect it.  They will have to treat him immediately due to it being so aggressive.  The Dr. said that if they were to do another intensive chemo treatment at his age, he wouldn't make it.  He said it would be extremely tough for a 33 year old.  And of course if they do no treatment he would not make it past 1 month.  The other option is to do a less intense chemo treatment that is specifically for this type to break down those cells and actually changes the DNA so it can do that.  The treatments will be once a day for 7 days and then he will recover for 3 weeks and they would like to do 3 - 4 treatments so this will take up to 4 months.  He started his first treatment yesterday.  He will only be in the hospital for this treatment and then maybe 1 or 2 weeks of recovery and then will do the rest out-patient.  The statistics of this less intense chemo treatment for his type of cancer is a 49% chance of full remission but we have all felt at peace and with that blessing that he will fully recover.  Then once the cancer is in remission he can have the bone marrow transplant.  When we saw him yesterday he is still of course with out doubt and full of faith that he will fully recover, he said he will definitely be in that 49% :)  This has been such a humbling experience and we are so grateful for the Lord's blessing of peace and comfort to know that he will recover stronger than ever like he promised in the blessing he received 3 days after he was admitted into the hospital.  Our family fasted today and participated in an endowment session at the Oaker Mountain temple and that was so sweet to feel the peace again and love of our Heavenly Father for our Dad and Mom and all of us.  The tender mercies of the Lord :)  Thank you all for your ongoing faith and prayers on his behalf.  He is of course the one who keeps us strong, along with Mom, with their un-wavering faith and optimism :)  He has enjoyed seeing all of his wonderful friends and family but is very tired, along with Mom, so if you do visit please just stay for 10-15 minutes :)


  1. Dear Alicia,
    Our family read your update this morning Sunday March 13th.
    As were getting ready for church were reading about your Dad, and were so filled emotion of what your family is dealing with. We do not doubt for a minute that your Dad will be in that 49% full recovery rate.
    Your family's faith is astounding, and I do not doubt your faith will see you through this this trying time in all your lives.
    Please give your family our love and prayers.
    Jerry & Kris Johnson
    & family

  2. We continue to have you in our prayers and your name on the prayer roll at the Cardston Temple. Miracles do happen and your faith is also contagious to us all! Love, Kathy and Roy Harker

  3. Paul! Love the bald you! I think you should keep your new look after you are healed! ;-) TONS of love from us Wilckens!

  4. Our dear friend, Paul:

    Your in our every prayer. Words can't adequately express the deep love we have for you. You have truly been like a father to both Dave and I and we love you so very much. We have learned so much by your example. We have been blessed to be in your company when you have prayed with great faith, on behalf of those in need. One example: I'll never forget the experience in our home, where you lead the young adults in prayer after fasting for the Cook's cousin so sick in the hospital and your sure knowlege that all would be well after giving the prayer. I'll never forget the spirit in that room and the peace that followed. And she recovered. I treasure those moments and we've shared so many with you. They give me strength when times are difficult. Thank you.

    By the way, Conner enjoyed the hospital visit so much. He went on and on about your bald head. Haha!

    Love you! The Beus'

  5. Paul,

    You look like your dad! I love your bald head. My hair is just thin!!! We are praying for you!

    Hugs, Cousin Carol

  6. Hi Price family, President Price was my mission president in Samoa and I have a great love for him and Sister Price too. I would love it if you could tell him that my wife and I have fasted and are praying for him and your whole family everyday. It would mean alot to me if you could please do that as I can't tell him in person (because I live in Australia). My name is Matthew Butterworth. I believe that he will get better as promised! Alofa atu Matthew

  7. My name is Paul Freeman. Thank you so much for this blog. President and Sister Price were truly a blessing to me on my mission and I'm grateful to know them. They are both in our prayers and we know the Lord is watching over all of you.

  8. Hello, Price family -- I was one of the many, many seminary students whose lives were forever touched by Bro. Price. Bro. Price, thank you so much for your love and inspiration. I will keep you and all your family in my prayers!

    Much love,
    Tomi Ann (Pearce) Hill