Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tuesday March 29th

The doctors have been concerned with his breathing so have been running some tests and found out that he has 2 blood clots in his lungs and 2 in his legs.  He is already on blood thinners so they are going to increase the amount to treat the blood clots.  His spirits are still good he is looking really old and I think that is the hardest thing is to see him like that.  Especially since he has hardly ever been sick at all his whole life and always running :)  I was talking with someone last night joking that he still has probably 1 years worth of sick pay from work since he never used it.  Once again thank you for your prayers.


  1. Dear Paul,

    Melanie Harris here. This is the first we've seen of your blog. Thanks to Rick and Tracy for updating us. We have prayed for you every day since we heard of this event along with one of our Galilee branch members who has been ICU for 5+ weeks, but is now in rehab. It is wonderful to see your continuing bright smile as you continue this challenging process. You and Christine's faith is a wonderful example to all of us. With lots of love from Melanie and Carl

  2. So glad he is home! How are his blood clots?